Are You Making the Most of Your College Experience?

During this time every summer, I begin to get the itch for back to school. There is something about the thought of new students beginning the “best four years” of their lives and the late summer temperatures that cause me to reminisce about my undergraduate collegiate experience.

After reading about the recommendation from Harvard faculty to eliminate fraternities and sororities, along with other student clubs and organizations that only admit men or women, I couldn’t help but think about my experience and how lucky I was to go to a good school that provided me with a sound education, plenty of developmental opportunities, and many memorable moments. Most importantly, my collegiate experience provided me the privilege of membership in Alpha Gamma Delta.

Questions I commonly ask myself include:

  • Who would I have become if I hadn’t joined a values-driven organization?
  • Who would be in my friend circle?
  • What leadership development opportunities would I have missed out on?
  • What job would I be doing now if I hadn’t learned of the opportunities in the higher education industry?

The questions could continue because when I think of the person I am today, where I live, the work I do, and the values within me I can attribute so much of who I am to my values-based, mission-driven, purpose-filled sorority experience.

Membership allowed me to develop confidence, self-awareness, and a circle of support that has provided me with both personal and professional successes and happiness. When I imagine what this recommendation could lead to I can’t help but think about the men and women who won’t get the experience of joining something bigger than themselves without fear of retribution from the University, and the opportunities lost for leadership, personal, and professional development.

To students who are getting ready to go to college for the first time and those who are returning, don’t take your collegiate experience for granted. Get the most out of your four years by getting involved and setting your sights high on a variety of experiences. You’ll be amazed at what membership in a values-driven organization can do for you and your future.