A killer brand exists when an entity derives a disproportionate amount of success in its category because of a compelling and differentiated expectation that comes to be associated with its name.

Your brand is the visual representation of your chapter or community – if it is effective, it will create positive feelings and awareness.  Your brand will play an important role in how potential members view your chapter or community on your campus.  As you ramp up your marketing efforts, it is important to note that a weak brand will diminish the effect your marketing efforts have because it will not contain a compelling message that appeals to potential members.

I’m sure you are busy getting ready to finish up the summer and are already well in the midst of planning for the fall, so I’ll keep this short and sweet!  Do you want a killer brand for your chapter or community?  Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. EXPLAIN YOUR PROMISE:  Understand exactly what you are giving a potential member.  For instance, are you delivering an experience that will make them a better man or woman?  What you are giving them is essentially the promise you are making them if they are to join your chapter or community.  An example of a company doing this is Walmart with “everyday low prices”.  They work hard to do everything they can to provide products to the absolute lowest price possible to consumers.
  2. ALIGN YOUR ACTIONS WITH THAT PROMISE:  Once you have clarity on a simple promise, you must then align all of your chapter/community actions with this promise.  For instance, if you are committed to developing leaders, what are you actually DOING to make that happen.  Examples could include bringing in leadership speakers, providing leadership training and creating additional leadership opportunities through committees.  An example of a company that aligns well is Amazon, who has a desire to “be the worlds most customer-centric company”.  Every decision they make as an organization aligns with this, such as two-day shipping, Amazon Prime, one-click ordering and countless other initiatives.  You don’t just make a promise, you actively do that promise.
  3. LINK YOUR PROMISE WITH EVERYTHING:  Once you create a promise and align your actions with it, the final step is to link it to all of your marketing activities.  You want to make sure the promise you provide potential members permeates throughout your organization and is communicated to potential members through all of your marketing channels.  For instance, Disney says “We Create Happiness” and they literally link it to everything they do: their movies make people happy, their amusement parks make people happy, their employees make people happy and everything else they do also strives to make people happy.  The promise you make and the actions you take become linked to everything that you do and everywhere that you say you do it.

I’m happy to review any of your chapter or community branding and provide you with detailed feedback – simply send anything you’d like me to review to healy@launchpointsolutions.org.