In many chapters’ recruitment processes,  elaborate plans are devised to illustrate the different personalities or strengths that shine in that particular chapter. Some chapters market themselves as “intramural champs,” or  having “the best grades on campus,” or are “the girls next door.” But what does that even mean or matter to your potential members? Moreover, are you marketing your organization honestly and are your “customers” receiving what was promised when they sign a bid to membership?

In the world of Instagram and other social media outlets, chapters are quick pick the best looking photos to advertise their sisterhood or brotherhood. What do those photos say about your organization’s brand? Furthermore, are you promising something in those photos that you aren’t delivering in the end? If your organization claims that they have zero-tolerance for hazing, yet two weeks into New Member Education, new members are required to stay up all night cleaning brothers’ rooms, you have a brand integrity issue.

Like the photo above, is your organization sending one message, but delivering a different result? If you don’t end of delivering what you promised, your organization’s brand will eventually and inevitably lose credibility. You can share as many filtered photos as you’d like, but your audience will know the truth behind what you’re sharing.

Take a step back from the usual recruitment planning and start with your branding. How are you currently perceived? Is that how you want to be perceived? If not, have the conversation with your members about your brand image and create a plan that will provide your audience with a clearer, more accurate representation of your brotherhood or sisterhood.