A few days before I went off to college I happened to be talking to a complete stranger who gave me an incredible piece of advice – “don’t let your classes get in the way of your real education”.  As I continued to get involved in more organizations and take on more leadership roles in college I never lost sight of the fact I learned far more from leadership experiences, internships and mentors than I did from anything taught by a professor, who had little or no experience actually doing what they were a so-called expert in.  If you believe your college degree entitles you to anything you are in for a huge letdown, because employers don’t care about where you went to school, they care about your skill set, if you can produce for them,  and will put a premium on those that are leaders rather than followers.  Your degree isn’t critical – what is critical is what you learn, how hard you work, and what leadership experiences you have.  Focus on opportunities to join great organizations, obtain great internships and work your absolute hardest every chance you get.  If college degrees were critical then the worlds most successful people would all be Ivy League educated and have advanced degrees, which certainly is far from reality.  It is fascinating how little correlation there is between where you went to college (or if you even did) and your ability to be a great leader.

When done right, there is simply no better “real world” experience on a college campus than becoming a leader in a Greek organization.  You should take every opportunity you can to get involved in your chapter and gain the valuable lessons that come from those experiences.  From a recruitment standpoint, it should be simple for you to share with potential members the value of joining your chapter – show them all of the ways they can learn as a member of your organization.  Explain to them how they will become far better at whatever they want to do personally/professionally as a member of your organization and walk them through all of the valuable lessons you have already received.  Many successful people attribute what they learned in their chapter as the main reason for their success in life, not what they learned in the classroom – get this same valuable experience for yourself and share with others how it can benefit them too!