Hello…it’s me…

  • The Potential New Member who you terrified with your door chants, skits, color coordinated outfits, and matching cover photos.
  • The Potential New member who was told that recruitment was a “values-based” process but wasn’t asked about my values throughout the entire recruitment week.
  • The Potential New Member who watched 10 chapter videos with seemingly the same size zero, blond members in each rendition.
  • The Potential New Member who really wanted to talk about the chapter’s philanthropy but instead made a teddy bear that you disassembled as soon as I left the room for the next wave of Potential New Members.
  • The Potential New member who had questions about chapter dues and wasn’t given a definitive answer.
  • The Potential New Member who didn’t need to know about every social, mixer and date party, but would have rather heard about your sisterhood, leadership, and service events.
  • The Potential New Member who loved the deeper look into your chapter and the intimate conversation during Preference Round.
  • The Potential New Member who was promised that I would “fit in perfectly” and receive a bid on Bid Day.
  • The Potential New Member who went home after Preference and cried herself to sleep out of exhaustion, excitement, and anxiety.
  • The Potential New Member who opened her bid card and was shocked to see that she must not have fit in so perfectly after all.

…Hello from the other side….

At times, as chapter members, we forget about what is most important in recruitment. We let the details of high heels, chapter songs, and decorations get in the way of what really matters: our scholarship, our sisterhood, our service, and our Ritual. Potential New Members are taken through a process that is an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end with their hopes high. Some of those Potential New Members come out of the arduous process happy and excited, while others question why they participated in recruitment in the first place.

It is easy to get caught up, allowing social media to depict how our sisterhood should look: gold foil lettering on t-shirts, white denim, high heels…but how does you sisterhood actually look? Can you truly say you pride yourselves on being a values-based organization? A group of women who value service and scholarship? A group of women who value diversity and inclusion?

Try to remember back to what it was like on the other side. What is it that you wanted? What would have made recruitment more enjoyable for you? Channel your former Potential New Member self to make your next recruitment a more values-based and meaningful experience for both sides of the conversation.