Ah, the beloved recruitment counselor! We have done a great job of creating group unity among these women. But, have we taken it a step too far?

The world of Recruitment Counselors has taken on a life of its own. What used to be a group of Rho Chis (the now mostly abandoned Greek letter name Recruitment Counselors were called) has now evolved into a group of women called Sigma Rho Chis, Gamma Chis, Rho Gammas, and more, who are purchasing letter shirts, stickers, tote bags, buttons and more (let’s not forget that changing your last name to Rho Gamma)! There are feelings among Recruitment Counselors that if they are ‘losing’ the ability to wear their letters for a period of time, they should be able to replace those letters. But, what we are forgetting is the entire purpose of the Recruitment Counselor is to make the experience simpler and more positive for the potential new member. The swag and fun Greek-letter names are fun for you, but mean nothing to your potential new members. And our new need to label our Recruitment Counselors by confusing Greek letter names is only making it more difficult for potential new members. We know unaffiliated students generally cannot read Greek letters and don’t differentiate from one set of Greek letters to another. How will they know who you are, much less what you are supposed to be doing?

Yes, getting new swag is fun for Recruitment Counselors. But, what if we simplified it? Using the term Recruitment Counselor or Recruitment Guide on your t-shirt is a great way for you to choose a title that makes it clear to both potential new members and parents alike what their role is during the Panhellenic recruitment process. And it serves as a gentle reminder to your Recruitment Counselors what their job is as well.